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I propose that we consider the scope of our fellowship discussions. I am but one vote. But I am, one vote. And I wish my thoughts on the matter to be considered by those who are equals, and brothers and sisters in Christ. First, let me present a thought from Joseph Smith:

“…the things of God are of deep import; and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out.

“How vain and trifling have been our spirits…our meetings…too low, too mean, too vulgar, too condescending for the dignified characters of the called and chosen of God…” (TPJS, pg. 137)

And then Paul to the Corinthians:

“…for the spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God. Even so the things of God knows no man except he has the spirit of God. Now we have received…the spirit which is of God, that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God, which things also we speak — not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the holy ghost teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” (LDS 1Cor 2:10-13; RE 1Cor 1:8)

Considering these insights, should the content of our meetings and our remarks during those meetings include everything Babylon offers as fodder for discussion? Should we spend our time doting about Babylonian “questions and strifes of words,” as Paul warned Timothy about those who value the secular world more than the spiritual?

 Are we to make a Mars Hill out of this? Is our goal simply to tell or to hear some new thing? Or is our goal to spend a few precious moments on The Lord’s Day, in deep and solemn thought and conversation in an effort to become sanctified and pure before our Lord by combing the iniquities from our thoughts? If only for those few moments should we not seek those deeper thoughts that resonate in the harmonies of Heaven?

A Practical Example

My sweetheart and I are blessed with a second-floor master bedroom and bath which spans the width of our home, and faces the backyard. Across the back of our home and just outside of our master bedroom is a balcony, or “porch” as we call it. We have chairs and a couple of small tables out there. It makes a very comfortable place for discussion, and decompression, from the affairs of the day.

We have decided that when we step out on the porch and close the external bedroom door, we will leave Babylon behind. Topics of discussion range widely but the emotional whirlpools and drama of Babylon stay behind. This is a “no strife” area. This has worked well for us. We can enjoy each other’s company, and Heaven’s lightshow, and be grateful for each other and what we know to be true. 

We discuss things of deep import and spiritual profitability. We might read a powerful essay or discuss a scripture. It is a place of peace and mutual respect. The message is: Leave the strives and discord of Babylon behind. And no worries, the drama and whirlpools will still be there when we return.

I propose that, in like manner, we make our fellowship discussions of deep import and leave Babylon behind.

Leaves vs roots

Babylon tends to focus on the leaves of a problem, when the solution is in the roots. When we bring those leaves into a fellowship discussion, we pollute a more pure social environment. We don't proselytize our whirlpools here. This is not a secular structure and we are not a disorganized mob. We are ruled by the spirit of our Lord but only if we resonate in His frequency. Focusing on the leaves of Babylon causes spiritual dissonance which interferes with that frequency. Communication becomes clearer with our alignment to Heaven. We become one with God and one another.

Let me use as an example, a current set of leaves from Babylon that elicits strong opinions on both sides. Even a casual mention of the current vaccine issue, for instance, brings forth railings both for and against, and all with absolute certainty of the rightness of their argument. Those who might be against the shot, but took it for the sake of their family, or other valid reasons, might hear such firm resolve as condemning and depressing. They, and the timid, might just leave our midst to escape the whirlpool of drama, rather than confront the strife. Our insensitive behavior can easily cause pain in a brother or sister while we fight on unaware of our low, mean, vulgar, and condescending attitude.

In our zeal to justify one side or the other, we become focused on winning the battle of the leaves rather than contemplating the roots of the matter. We don't have to establish whether the vaccine is a deadly DNA-altering poison presented by a modern Dr. Mengele and his merry band of eugenicists, or a miraculous gift from God. Those are leaves that don't particularly matter. Throwing rocks at me yet?

The root of this matter is agency. If I have my agency, and I can choose, then the efficacy or lack thereof of the vaccine is irrelevant to me. This makes the issue clear and simple: Does one individual or group have the right to take a other's property? Since Bastiat's The Law, 170-odd years ago, the consensus has been, no. So the root issue is: If or when agency might be removed. You may not steal my car but what about access to my insides? Is there any difference? Good subject, only with current technology making it a thing.

But Babylon cares nothing for root analysis with rational and intelligent conversation. Instead, it whips the leaves into a frenzied whirlpool of passion and enforces agency-robbing coercion, based on that passion. Roots tend to be of great import and not so subject to artificial passion plays.

Beware when there are strong opinions on either side, or both of an issue and take the road to roots. Leaves invoke momentary passion which can easily fuel strife. Don't open that door and allow passions to control the conversation. Don’t invite the passion of the leaves. Leave it alone. (Pun intended.) Babylon's passions rarely take a rest. Oh look! Breaking news!

Beware of Conditioned Discourse on Both Sides

My intention is not censorship in any way. I am delighted to consider the array of knowledge coming from this group. My goal here is simply to encourage and persuade those called to such lofty heights to consider their contributions. Quite frankly, the shallow and unprofitable leaves of Babylon are not worth my time. Any time spent with such leaves in this group, in my occasionally humble opinion, is an affront to the Spirit of God. And we can Ill afford to waste that most valuable source of root knowledge.

Babylon’s leaves are brought to you by the Wicked fighting among the Wicked. So, let 'em fight it out! The Lord will involve Himself when necessary to give them enough rope to let them hang themselves. Babylon is His battle, not ours. 

Let's not drive away the tender-hearted and more innocent among us with our strives. We need their faith. Can we not concede that, sometimes, we must render unto Caesar, or whoever is the current tyrant? There always seems to be a tyrant, in Babylon. And always a crisis. They used to use dogs to heard the sheep.

Today is the culmination of thought, strategy, and tactics from Machiavelli, Hegal, Malthus, John B. Watson, Edward Bernays, and others, that makes rational and intelligent discourse rare. Purposeful, emotional conditioning reigns in the fogs of darkness covering the earth. As we passionately speak the leaves of Babylon, we mistake our conditioned utterances for original thought, and we are proud of our superior position. So often, we stand firm in our position that the light and horn ahead belong to another ship. We don’t even consider the possibility that they might belong to a lighthouse.

Here's a rare cogent thought from a rational and intelligent writer:

"No subtlety of thought survives in the culture of unreason. Public space is populated with poseurs, cutouts, and imposters. Public discourse, with some exceptions, is much of the time not worth bothering with." 1

We need the Heavenly Gift. Let’s fashion a place of peace and mutual respect where the battles of Babylon are excluded. 

Anyway, that’s my vote. Thank you for your consideration.

1. (Patrick Lawrence: Obituary for Russiagate, December 1, 2021, https://consortiumnews.com/2021/12/01/patrick-lawrence-obituary-for-russiagate/)

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