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Much discussion can be found regarding the current status of "authority" in the modern LDS institution. Some say this and others that; each making a case for their stand, making related decisions very difficult for those not studied in either scripture or church history. My task here is to simplify and clarify.

All can be distilled into two distinct, and opposing, points of view. Either you are 1) a "Brighamite" (my term) and believe that Joseph Smith transferred keys of administrative authority over the church to Brigham and the twelve; or 2) a "Josephite" (again, my term) and believe that Joseph Smith would never have placed himself in open rebellion to the Lord's commandments in D&C 107 regarding the organization of the church. 

That's it. Those are your choices regarding the authority and organization of the church. Either you believe Brigham Young had authority and that his complete reorganization of the church was approved of God, even without any authorizing revelations, or not.

If not, then the modern leadership is spiritually counterfeit and has been operating a fraud for a very long time. Their goals appear to be to acquire the financial things of this world and the associated honors of men. These they have achieved. Unfortunately, with those achievements, they have sealed their own fate.

As a loyal Josephite, I morn the loss of both Joseph and Hyrum (and Samuel), and the Restoration which, effectively ended with their deaths. A modern echo of the Restoration has been only recently rekindled in the hearts of Josephites with one clarification: modern Josephites would be more correctly termed "Jesus-ites." We follow, serve, and obey Jesus. We follow no man. Joseph was a light in the darkness pointing to the Savior. We attempt to emulate that behavior.

The emotional conditioning to which church members have been subject since the days of David O. McKay and the rise of the "modern" church public relations department, have centered on two positions; 1) the church is led by a true and functioning prophet, seer, and revelator; and 2) said prophet, nor any of his cohorts, can, (not may, but can, as in ability), lead the church astray.

Despite the fact that there is no empirical evidence supporting the former, and plentiful scriptural evidence refuting the latter, church members blindly "follow the prophet" based on a song they were taught as children. They argue, "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind's made up." What most unwitting Brighamites really mean by that sentiment is that cognitive dissonance is uncomfortable and they'd really rather just have some Jello rather than consider scriptural facts and historical realities. Ignorance, they believe, is bliss.

With these two stimulus points, (i.e., led by a prophet who cannot err), deeply ingrained in the emotional conditioning of church members, leadership takes total control. And who can argue that what they want is total control? Such control keeps tithing flowing and members in tow.

That this condition has been achieved is partially, but solidly, evidenced by the philosophies of men mingled with scripture called the church handbook of instruction. No rational and intelligent people would ever stand for such foolishness, coercion, and unrighteous dominion. Josephites morn.

Shorn sheep simply don't question. They just grow more wool. How lucky for the Brighamites.

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