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Being Zion

I was thinking, last night, about a variety of things. An "agonizing reappraisal"* took place overseeing my current activities. As I juxtaposed my life with the Lord’s wish for a people worthy of being gathered to His Zion, thoughts began to pour into my mind like a small stream below the mountains where snowmelt becomes a torrent of water.

My thoughts were filled with feelings of empathy and sadness for those for whom that gathering remains off their personal spiritual radar. They wait for the Lord to come, rather than understanding that it is the Lord who waits for us to become. I longed for the day when the Master would walk among us and joy reigns.

My vision turned to those who would come from the sky with Him with joy of their own. The long-awaited meeting had finally come with those below whose hearts had turned to the Fathers, and the promises made to them. All desired the associated grafting into the Family of God.

My feelings were strong even as knowledge increased. Watching the Savior move about among His children in Zion, my heart swelled with gratitude for His patience with me. Seeing Him look my way and smile as He said my name was almost too much to bear. I thought for the briefest millisecond that I had caused Him pain. But then I could not remember why. His loving, forgiving gaze told me why I could not remember, and I fell to my knees in acclamation of Love I was still learning to fully understand.

I marveled that the very air around Him, worshipped Him, and was joyful to be near Him. And all the while He only desired to serve in His continuing effort to teach and raise up His children. His desire was not to be raised up on a chief seat of aggrandizement. His raising up was to suffer, inconceivably, and die. For the likes of us. Can you imagine it?

My tears flow like the stream below the mountains, filled with snowmelt. I marvel at what I know. I marvel at what He allows me to see. My gratitude is never-ending and I am grateful, to be grateful.

As I contemplated all I had experienced in those brief moments of understanding, I began to  write some impressions. Most of all, I wanted to live long enough to see it all take place. Then the following happened so quickly I was astonished. It remains without a title, for now.

I’d like to last until every tear runs dry. 
Until every fear is quenched in love.
Every grudge melted, every pain salved,
Every soul made whole in His image. 

I’d like to last until we are equal.
Because we value Him and His love 
More than the things of this world and the honors of men,
There are no poor among us.
There is no envy.
All I have is His
Not because I will it
But because it is.
I do all I can to be like Him.
Because I want to see Him as He is.

I want to see Him. As He is.
I am His child.
I am born of His wounds.
I am saved by His wondrous love.
I am comforted by His Spirit.
I am astonished at His attention.

I love being a child.
Not childish.
Seeing with untarnished, believing eyes,
No iron in my neck,
No brass on my brow.
He has healed my wounds
And there are left no scars.
No residue.
Lessons learned and wisdom
Without enmity.
Forgiveness overwhelms and cleanses.

I want to go up the mountain.
I want to kiss returning necks at last, in joy.
I want to be His.
I want to be worthy to live in His light.

And you ask me
Will I follow a man?
Has he saving power?
I follow Jesus.
Him only do I serve.
Him only do I follow.
I fall into His arms
And adore Him.


*Lyric from Sea Level "That's Your Secret" 1977.

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